These Peloton Community Features Will Help You Stay Connected

These Peloton Community Features Will Help You Stay Connected

This amazing community is always there.

By Team PelotonUpdated July 6, 2020


Creating your own workout sanctuary wouldn’t be the same if you had to choose between convenience and community. Luckily, with Peloton’s community features, you don’t. There are lots of ways to connect to the leaderboard names you know (sometimes just virtually) and the friends you already love within the Peloton community. Get to know the top Peloton community features that keep you connected to others every time you take a Peloton class.


This one might be a no-brainer but the first place to go to feel that Peloton connection is the Leaderboard. Whether you’re opting in to a live workout or taking one on-demand, the scrolling list of Members on the right-hand side of your touchscreen will be there to support you no matter what. If you’re in a live class, the Leaderboard names you see are people who are currently taking the same class as you along with their real-time ranking. Clipping in to an on-demand workout? This list will reflect the names of Members who have previously taken class including your ranking against their previously set Leaderboard position.


We want you to show up as your whole self--and we know you can't fit that into a single name. Tags allows you to express the many facets of your identity and connect with the various communities you're a part of. You can add up to 10 tags to your profile at once (College alumni group? Check. Hometown pride? Check. Colleague bonding? Check.) and select the tag you want to set as primary before every workout so you can swarm classes with the group of your choice. Don't see a Tag for you or have a special event coming up? Create one and share it directly from the Peloton platform to invite others to join!

High Fives

Is there anything better than sending some support to someone else--or getting some yourself? Peloton’s high five feature helps you do just that. Whether you’re taking a live class or using the “Here Now” feature during an on-demand class or on your iOS app, you can send a fellow Member a dose of encouragement by tapping their avatar next to their Leaderboard name. This will send a notification that will pop up on the left side of their touchscreen during class and the same will happen if someone sends you one back! It’s a great way to congratulate someone celebrating a milestone or birthday, support a Member who’s been chasing you all class--and Peloton instructors have been known to sign into classes and give out high fives to keep you motivated!

Here Now

Taking classes on demand is one of the best things about Peloton--after all, making your own schedule is the ultimate convenience. But you can still feel the energy of other Members through the “Here Now” feature. Located within the Leaderboard, this feature appears to show you the number of riders that are taking the same on-demand class as you at that time. So even if you’re alone at home, stay inspired and sweat it out with other Members from all over the world.

Following Friends

If you’ve made a special connection with someone by seeing them on the Leaderboard and working out with them often, connect with them and follow their Peloton journey! Within your Peloton profile on web or in the app, search for Members you want to follow using their Leaderboard name. This will allow you to see their workout history and overall profile as well as classes they’ve taken and when they’re working out whenever you log in to your Bike, Tread or app.

Video Chatting

Ever wonder what that camera at the top of your touchscreen is for? No, we can’t see you--it’s to let you video chat with friends during your ride! In order to request a video chat with someone during your ride, you need to be following each other already. To start a chat, join the same ride as your friend and scroll down to find your friend on the Leaderboard. Select their name and press the “talk” button to request a chat. This is the perfect way to check in on someone you love and ride, run or flow together for a little extra encouragement by your side.

Official Peloton Member Page

Outside of your workouts and your Peloton profile, friendships can be made and good vibes can be shared by way of the Official Peloton Member Page on Facebook. This is the place to go to share your milestones, words of encouragement and helpful tips for other Members. With hundreds of thousands of Members within this closed group, there’s no shortage of Peloton buzz to keep up with and, most importantly, be inspired by. Remember, as this is a closed group, you will need to be permitted access before joining!