The Mind and Body Benefits of Trying a New Workout

By PelotonUpdated May 7, 2020


We get it--it’s easy to get into a set routine. You’ve found your match with one particular class or workout schedule; you enjoy the structure and know what to expect, and that makes you feel confident when it’s time to sweat. But what if you explored a bit more? Learned to move your body in a new way or tried a new workout that always seemed maybe even intimidating? Spoiler alert: there are serious benefits to embracing fresh ways to move.

When it comes to deciding what to switch up, Peloton instructor Jess King suggests you incorporate multiple components of fitness. “Make sure to include flexibility, muscle strength and endurance and cardiovascular conditioning,” says Jess. “Each element plays into the success of the next and all are critical in the efficiency of creating functional movement, and ideally, staying injury free!” So even if you’ve been mastering multiple cycling workouts lately, work on your strength and take preventative measures to loosen up those tight hips and hamstrings. “Strength train the large muscle groups of the hips and core as religiously as you ride the bike,” says Jess, “and add in a consistent stretch routine to unravel the tightening and shortening of the muscles and ligaments you use so often when you ride." You’ll gain even more strength to power through your next cardio session.

There are mental benefits to trying a new workout. If you’re constantly in the same type of mindset during your workout, your point of view can be limited and boredom can creep in fast. “Simply by moving the body in creative and dynamic ways we offer the mind an opportunity to view movement and ourselves from different perspectives,” says Jess, “For example, the inner dialogue during a long run is a different conversation than what one would have with themselves during a strength training circuit. It’s a different way of being with your body and requires a different type of focus."

Point being, move in a variety of ways that make you happy and leave you feeling good. ”Get creative with how you express movement, trust the science behind fitness and truly listen to your body and how it responds,” says Jess. So what are you waiting for? New ways to sweat are right around the corner. (And don't forget to switch things up with a recovery day sometimes!)