Man looks at classes to take on the Peloton Tread

All the Different Classes You Can Take on the Peloton Tread and Tread+

Here’s how to figure out which type of workout is right for you. 

By Rozalynn FrazierUpdated November 21, 2023


Is it your first time on the Peloton Tread or Tread+? Welcome! While you may be excited to hop on your new machine and put it (and you!) through its paces, you may also feel overwhelmed by the many live and on-demand running and walking classes now at your disposal.  

Consider this your comprehensive breakdown on all things Tread and Tread+, detailing what you need to know about various classes before hitting your stride. This list will not only help you pair yourself with runs, walks, and hikes that match your abilities and goals—but also guide you along your fitness journey. 

13 Classes to Take on the Tread or Tread+

Beginner Run

If you’re new to running, these beginner-friendly workouts will help you ease into the modality safely. They’ll not only serve as an introduction to Peloton’s top-notch instructors, but also help you nail the important fundamentals of running: speed, incline, and form. Over time, you’ll watch your confidence and your abilities skyrocket. 

Advanced Beginner Run

If you’re ready for a new challenge, these advanced beginner classes may be your jam. Like the beginner runs, you’ll still work on the fundamentals, but you’ll also advance your skills by tackling other running must-knows, including intervals and sprints. Leveling up has never been so much fun.

Unleveled Run

Regardless of your running experience, you should feel secure hitting your Tread or Tread+ with classes sans a difficulty label.  Depending on your desired effort level and outcome, each session can be tailored to your individual goals. The key thing: Finding the pace that feels right for where you are at this moment. 

Advanced Run

Sometimes, you’re craving a challenge. When such a time arises, you may want to select an advanced run. These classes help seasoned runners make big strides by pushing them to pick up the pace and progress in their training efforts. Now, who's ready to run?

Intervals Run

If you’re looking for an efficient and fun way to build your endurance, strength, and speed, place these interval classes on your “to run” list. In these workouts, you’ll push yourself through bursts of challenging efforts at a range of speeds and inclines, followed by a much-needed recovery period.


HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes up the ante in a big way. Expect to run at max efforts, followed by a recovery period. You’ll repeat this framework throughout the workout. These runs are a great way to reap good-for-you perks in a short amount of time. Find them under the interval category header.

HIIT and Hills

Arguably one of the most challenging classes on the Tread or Tread+, these workouts are a high-intensity combination of fast-paced intervals and extended stretches of difficult inclines. In these segments, you’ll build power, endurance, and speed. To view this selection of hard (but fun!) runs, simply click through the intervals tab.


Think of these classes as speed work meets endurance. These intense endeavors train you to run at your goal race pace for an extended period of time. The result: You’ll help move the needle on your lactic threshold for better endurance.

Walk + Run

Whether you’re a beginner, bouncing back from an injury, or are just in need of a recovery run, these classes offer the perfect mix of slow-paced walking and moderate-paced running. And just like the unleveled runs, these can be easily modified to fit your personal needs and fitness abilities. Find this workout under the walking category.


Don’t be fooled: Low-impact walking workouts will make you sweat. Even better, there are a variety of  heart-pumping classes that all fitness levels can enjoy and benefit from. (There are even audio-only workouts that are a great companion for those times when you find yourself away from your Tread or Tread+.)

Power Walk

There’s walking—and then there’s walking. These power walk classes are not just your everyday slow-paced stroll through the park. They are, however, purposeful movement blocks coached at various speeds and inclines that progressively elevate your heart rate. The best part: They’re low impact, so they won’t wreck havoc on your body. 


You don’t have to head to the mountains to log a good hike. These vigorous—yet low-impact—classes use incline to mimic outdoor elevation changes.  Expending more energy and exertion than a traditional walk, these classes will help you step up your stamina while strengthening your legs, glutes, and core.

Tread Bootcamp

Sometimes, you want to squeeze your strength work and aerobic exercise into one sweat session. Enter: Tread Bootcamp. These classes combine intervals on the Tread or Tread+ with strength-building exercises on the floor. 


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