4 Work Day Stretches with Hannah Corbin

By PelotonUpdated October 17, 2020


Stretching. What's the difference if you don't? You got your workout in, you already sweat something fierce, and now you're riding high on those endorphins. Stretching is one of those "if I find the time to make it happen, it'll be a Good Time, but otherwise, no harm is done" sorts of things.

You know, how like if you drive a car, getting around to changing the oil "if you find the time" is totally fine. And if you rotate the tires, that's cool and all, but no big if you forget. Maintenance isn't really required, it's more of an "if you can get to it, that's great" sort of thing.

Wait. That doesn't sound right...

Oh hey, that's because it isn't!

Just like with your car, your body requires routine maintenance to make sure it's running in peak physical condition. And if you're running it through the ringer with a rough ride, you can best believe you should be stretching it out. Luckily, unlike your car, there's no making an appointment and taking a chunk of your day to perform this maintenance, just good ol' fashioned stretching that can be done anywhere, at any time, including in the middle of your workday.

I'm going to show you four easy Beyond The Ride stretches you can perform at the office to keep yourself feeling your best. Remember, your body is yours, it needs you to take care of it!

Water Cooler Quad Stretch

Rest the shoelace side of your foot on the wall behind you and let your knee drop toward the floor. Breathe into the front of your leg.

Hallway Chest Opener

Face the wall with one arm extended on the diagonal. Rotate the body away from the arm until you feel a gentle stretch across the chest. Hold for 30 seconds then switch!

Office Chair Hip Release

Place an ankle on the opposite knee and allow the bent leg knee to fall toward the floor. Gently fold the upper body forward until you find the perfect level of stretch. Hold for at least 30 seconds on each side.

Stairway Calf Stretch

Plant one leg on the step for balance. Place the ball of the opposite foot on the end of the step and drop the heel toward the step below. Hang out for 30 seconds on each side.

That's it! Easy, right? Four minutes a day, and your body will be singing you sweet lullabies as you go to sleep because you took such good care of it. It might even cook you dinner. And to those who might say, "But HMC, what if my office mates think I'm strange for stretching during the workday?" They're just wondering how you got those fierce long muscles, you! Stretch on!

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