Completed the Total Strength Program? Here’s What To Do Next.

Completed the Total Strength Program? Here’s What To Do Next.

Keep leveling up with this suggested training plan from Andy Speer.

By Amy Gurvitz Updated December 3, 2020


Finished with instructor Andy Speer’s Total Strength program? You, like many other Peloton Members who loved the program, are probably wondering what’s next. Luckily, there are plenty of other classes that can help you continue to build muscle.

“To maintain strength gained in Total Strength, three days per week is the magic number for most,” Andy says. That means three strength-focused workouts, with each one ideally being 30 minutes long.

Be strategic with the classes you take, and repeat the same or similar workouts for two to three weeks in a row, trying to improve slightly each time. The repetition and gradual progression is critical, according to Andy.

“You will notice in Total Strength that the upper body days are very similar to each other week after week. Small changes were made to challenge you just a bit more and force your body to adapt to the new stimulus,” he says. “Picking three random classes per week every week can maintain general fitness, but is not as effective at building and maintaining strength.”

Andy’s Sample Training Plan

“These strength classes include elements of Total Strength, such as squats and push-ups, as well as new moves and fresh variations. Every class includes a four- to six-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible), which allows you to set a benchmark to improve upon, increasing either reps or weight used each week. They also add a metabolic element and test your mental fortitude.”

Repeat each class once per week for three weeks:

Repeat twice per week for three weeks as a recovery workout, ideally on non-lifting days:

Repeat four to seven times per week for three weeks:

img-1-Completed the Total Strength Program? Here’s What To Do Next.

Week 1

“Be deliberate and methodical. Use a challenging weight, but one where you can make all the reps. Like Total Strength, in the first week you practice movement patterns and familiarize yourself with the flow and feel of each workout.

“Approach with a learning mindset. What was the toughest part? Was a certain exercise challenging to perform? Even if the instructor calls for maximal effort, hold back and put your max effort into learning the moves and feeling confident moving through the class. Don’t crush yourself.”

Week 2

“Move through the class at the prescribed tempo and intensity. You know the moves now. Use a heavier weight (if possible), still trying to make all your reps at a controlled pace.”

Week 3

“LET’S GOOOOO! Pick up your heavy weights and get after it. Even a seemingly slight increase in weight puts more demand on your muscles, which they must adapt to. Try to move at the same pace as week two, using more weight. Boom, you’re getting stronger!”

Read on to find out why you should combine strength training and cardio to reach your fitness goals.

img-2-Completed the Total Strength Program? Here’s What To Do Next.