The Best Full Body Workout is On The Peloton Tread+

The Best Full Body Workout is On The Peloton Tread+

Lace up. Let’s go.

By PelotonUpdated March 25, 2021


The Peloton Tread is not just another treadmill and after just a short interaction with it, you’ll understand why. With an array of classes that will have you working both on and off the Tread+, it’s your gateway the best full body workout--the one that leaves you ready for more the next day. Below we’re breaking down the six different ways you can use the Peloton Tread+ to train no matter your fitness level or training plan.


If you’re someone who likes to mix up your workout, a bootcamp class could become your new go-to class. Peloton bootcamps always include a combination of running and strength training (either bodyweight or using free weights) focused on specific muscle groups. The Peloton Tread+ bootcamp classes’ blend of cardio and strength help keep you engaged through a full body workout without ever getting bored.

Strength Training

Find your power by queuing up a Peloton strength class on the Tread+. Design your own full body workout routine by alternating class types focused on different muscle groups including arms and shoulders, chest and back, glutes and legs, and bodyweight strength. And remember, everyone benefits from being stronger—classes like Strength for Runners help build your core muscle groups if you’re primarily a runner.


While the Tread+ is a magnificent cardio machine, your body can do plenty on its own to help you work up a sweat. Our cardio classes will lead you through HIIT-type workouts incorporating plyometrics that will get your heart rate up with minimal or no equipment needed. You can wake up and warm up your muscles with these classes, or tap into them on the Peloton App for a short burst of work any time throughout your day.

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Looking for a lower-impact workout? The Peloton Tread offers a range of walking classes that will make going for a stroll a new immersive experience. But don’t think you’ll be taking it easy—walks + runs have a way of turning participants on to interval training, and we like to take things uphill with hiking classes that will challenge your posterior chain. Whether you let loose with a fun walk or keep it moving in a power walk, each class will get the blood flowing and recruit muscle groups throughout the whole body.


Even before and after you train, the Peloton Tread has you covered. Stretching classes are carefully designed to help keep you safe and feeling strong for your next workout, and they’re divided into pre- and post-workout options to make sure you’re getting the best type of stretch for where your muscles are in that moment. Start with a 5-minute class and you’ll be amazed to see how quickly you’ll start to rebound from your workouts.


Training for a marathon or just lacing up to get fit? The Peloton Tread provides a huge range of classes to satisfy different running needs. Class types on the Tread include fun runs, race prep, intervals, HIIT, hills, and more, with multiple options across different fitness levels. Don’t think you’re a runner? The Tread will challenge that mindset and change how you test your own limits.

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