9 Classes for Long-Distance Workout Buddies

9 Classes for Long-Distance Workout Buddies

You can still sweat together, even when you’re far apart.

By Karen AspUpdated November 18, 2020


Being separated from loved ones is tough, especially with the holidays in sight. But if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to stay connected, taking an on-demand Peloton class with long distance friends and family may be the perfect solution. We’ve got some workout suggestions below! Pick one everybody’s interested in, decide on a time and then get sweating together. Pro tip: If you’re on Bikes or Treads, you can even enable video chat during class so you can feel like you’re truly in class together. Don’t forget to let the high fives fly!

Cycling: 45-minute All For One ride or All For One More ride from 7/2/20

If you and your friend are having trouble settling on whose class you want to take, these rides make for a great compromise. Ten of your favorite instructors came together to record each of these 45-minute classes, with every song featuring somebody new. You’ll get a taste of each instructor’s unique style and personality—and the energy is unbeatable throughout. Even if you’ve already taken both classes, these rides are worth a revisit.

Do you and your workout buddy love seeing musicals together? Broadway may be shuttered right now, but you can still get your theater fix. Tune into this Tread class, which is set to the music from Hamilton, and you’ll both be singing along in no time.

This has been an incredibly stressful year for everyone, so it’s more important than ever to take care of your mental health. Here, Anna leads Members through a soothing slow flow designed for intermediate yogis, with a focus on paying attention to how you feel inside. The class might even lead to some thoughtful discussions when it’s all over.

Because this is a beginner-level class and the moves are easily modified, it won’t matter if one exercise buddy is more advanced than the other. Even better, you don’t need any weights, so it’s fine if the two of you have completely different home gym setups.

Need a moment to chill? This meditation is designed to provide a few minutes of peace for both kids and adults. No matter how far apart you are, know that you’ll be united in spirit and breath.

If you’ve got kids over 10 who want to join the action, this class is an excellent choice. It combines cardio and strength in a way that’s fun for everyone. (And if this one’s a hit, there are lots of other family workouts to choose from!)

Your exercise buddy may be across the country, but the two of you can still go hiking together. The class takes place on a Tread, and Andy pushes the incline to work your heart and glutes. Trust us, it won’t be hard to imagine you and your friend are conquering a mountain together.

Prefer to do a live class with your loved ones? Count yourself in for your next long-distance workout!

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