How to Work Out Absolutely Anywhere Over the Holidays

Don’t Lose Momentum, Here’s 6 Ways To Boost Your Holiday Fitness Routine

Nothing will stop you this season.

By Team PelotonUpdated June 7, 2023


With the holiday season comes that seemingly never-ending to-do list, be it decorating the front porch, attending festive get-togethers, breaking out your cookie cutters, or wrapping gifts. Add to that entertaining guests, visiting friends and family, or any other holiday travel plans, and you might be wondering how you’ll fit in that holiday workout too. 

To help you keep your holiday fitness on track, we’re sharing the workouts that work no matter where you are. Peloton instructors Olivia Amato, Jess Sims, Hannah Corbin, and a few of our Members weigh in on exercising during the holidays—even when the season gets busy.

Give Yourself Grace

It’s important to be kind to yourself this holiday season. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this time of the year—things can quickly creep up on us, so keep your holiday fitness at a pace that’s comfortable to you. It’s not a big deal to take a little extra time off from your exercise routine, just press pause and come back the next day. After all, recovery and caring for your mental health plays an important role in your training too.

Exercise Early

Each December, Peloton Member Kelly S. hosts her mother, brother and sister-in-law, bringing her household to 10 people—all of whom use Peloton at home. To make sure she gets her workouts in, the Navarre, Ohio, native wakes at 4 AM and, armed with coffee, spends about an hour on a mix of Peloton cardio and strength classes.

“I love the quote, ‘Time is not found, time is made,’ when it comes to getting all the things packed into a day,” she says. “At Christmas, this will be no different. With 10 people in the house and most of them vying for turns on the Tread and Bike every day, I will absolutely be quietly getting up and making the time for my workout while the house sleeps.”

While an alarm going off at 4 AM might not be for everyone, waking early to exercise is a good strategy. By getting your workout done first thing, there’s less chance you’ll make excuses to skip it—or that things will come up later in the day and deter you. And, you’ll be energized and ready for your day too. 

The same too can be said for night owls. If you’re someone who prefers a night-time workout, try waiting until the household has gone to bed to get your sweat on. Just remember to stretch out properly or use a foam roller after a night workout to avoid waking up with stiffness or muscle aches.

Explore During Your Workout

“Use running as a way to explore wherever you are over the holidays,” says Peloton instructor Olivia Amato. “This could be on the beach, exploring a relative’s town, or going on a family run in your childhood neighborhood.” 

Even if you’re home for the holidays, chances are there have been some updates to your old haunts, and if you’re in a totally new environment, there are even more sights to see. “Whether it’s a 10- or 60-minute sweat session, it’s always fun to try something new, somewhere new.” It’s also a good excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some precious you-time.

Work Out With Friends and Family

Another way to stay consistent is to train with a friend or partner. This keeps you accountable and can even up the intensity of the workout. One study found that exercising with a partner resulted in improved performance and time spent, doubling the amount of movement of those who exercised alone.

“Holidays don’t make it easy, with lots of parties and my kids being home from school,” says Member Ashby L., of Houston, Texas. Still, she not only sets time aside each morning to ride her Peloton Bike or run on her Peloton Tread, but also squeezes in strength training. “I also have a friend in the neighborhood who does Peloton as well,” Ashby says. “We meet up three times a week in her garage gym to do strength and HIIT workouts. It helps so much to have an accountability partner, especially during the holidays.”

Peloton instructor Jess Sims agrees: “When I’m back in Boston, I try to include a different friend or family member in every one of my workouts,” she says. “It makes me happy because I’m spending time with people I love and showing them how important working out is. I love showing how far I’ve come while sharing my passion with people I care about so much.” 

img-1-How to Work Out Absolutely Anywhere Over the Holidays

Most importantly, be grateful for this time with the ones you love and the ability to break a sweat together—as Jess says, “You don’t have to workout, you get to.”

Holiday Fitness Gets Creative

If your holiday schedule is jam-packed and you need to make the most of your time, Peloton Instructor Hannah Corbin suggests getting creative in the kitchen. “My favorite time to sneak in an extra workout is while I’m cooking,” says Hannah. “My top three moves: heel raises, single-leg balances and side bends!” 

These simple yet effective movements will help you tone up while you turkey. “Try 3 sets of 10-15 heel raises, 3 sets of 30 second holds on each leg for single-leg balances, and 3 sets of 30 side bends on each side,” says Hannah. “And, use the countertop for stability. Holding a small bag of rice or bottle of wine in lieu of hand weights adds an extra challenge!”

img-2-How to Work Out Absolutely Anywhere Over the Holidays

Take Advantage of the Peloton App

If you’re traveling or don’t have access to a home gym, this is where the Peloton App can be a game-changer to your holiday fitness routine. It allows you to tap into no-equipment strength, yoga, and pilates classes of all levels, as well as outdoor workouts.

Wherever you are for the holidays, once you have the App, it’s easy to stream it onto a TV—that way you can make any of the App’s pilates, yoga, and dance cardio classes a group activity in the living room or den. You can even bring the Peloton Guide with you to count your reps on the go!

The same goes if you’re planning on staying put this season. Alyssa L., of Chevy Chase, Maryland, plans to use her time off work to take longer Bike and strength classes and to get outside with the Peloton app. “I just moved to a new neighborhood and, if weather allows, I hope to do more of the outdoor Peloton guided runs around the holidays,” she says. “Running is a great way to explore a new place, and I enjoy running when it's a bit more brisk out and there's less humidity.

And, remember, a little exercise can go a long way. Build a workout schedule that works for you and make adjustments where needed. Doing something active each day will help—even if that’s just going on a long festive walk with loved ones.

If you need help staying on track this holiday season, the Peloton App has the classes you need to stay healthy and strong.


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