A Closer Look: Our Groove Classes

By PelotonUpdated October 14, 2019


What is a Groove Class?

A choreography driven ride. Portions of the rides are executed through movement patterns using the beat of the music.

What Our instructors Say

What do you love most about teaching this class?

Emma: I love that this class feels like a big dance party. Every song that I play makes me want to dance and that's the kind of vibe I want to create in those rides.

Cody: I love that I can use my experience as a professional dancer and apply it to this ride at Peloton.

What can riders expect from this class?

Emma: Expect to exercise your mind and your body. There is "choreography" in the class but everything is optional, so if that seems intimidating to you, I suggest for you to still try it out. I will always give you a modification and the priority is keeping the beat with your legs. Everything else is frosting on the cake.

Cody: You can expect to lose your self in the movement of the ride while allowing to music to craft and cultivate the journey we are taking. This ride is about having fun and remembering that it's not that deep.

The tunes to expect

Songs like...

  • Diplo- Be Right There

  • Yaeji - Raingurl

  • Janet Jackson - IF

  • N'Sync - It's Gonna Be Me

Why Members love these classes

"I see people asking about favorite rides. What’s my favorite ride? Groove! Get your ass kicked while having fun! Check them out if you enjoy riding to the beat. Some of my highest outputs have been during Groove Rides because when you are having fun you work harder!" -Selena E. / #BionicBabe_

"I found my class/instructor CRUSH - Cody Rigsby's Groove Ride! Love the feel of a choreographed hip hop class and riding to the beat! It definitely pushes me! Thanks for an amazing work-out!" - Tanya W. / #LoveLee

"For me, the Groove Ride is exactly what I need in the early morning. Thank you, Emma, for keeping me sweaty and grounded." - Nancy M. / #sweatyinsight

Ready to find your rhythm? Count yourself in for an upcoming groove class.