Have to Share Your Peloton Bike? Here's How to Make It Work.

By Team PelotonUpdated March 8, 2023


One of the perks of owning a Peloton Bike or Bike+ is the ability to ride any time you want. That is, unless you’re not the only one in your household who’s a member of the Peloton community. With many families now working and learning from home, making sure everyone gets a chance to ride can be tricky. How do you keep things fair? What if two people want to take the same live class? And how do you deal when everybody has wildly different Bike settings? We went straight to our Members to get their best—and sometimes cheekiest—tips for creating a family Bike schedule. 

(One note: While reading through these tips, keep in mind that there are minimum height, weight, and age requirements for using the Bike.)

Fam With a Plan

Member Andrea L. shares her Peloton Bike with her husband. They discuss their schedules for the week in advance and make a plan so they each get a turn. And they keep a list with their settings next to the Bike. “When you’re finished with your ride, you see who's riding next and set it for the next person,” Andrea says.  

Working It Out

Since Member Angie H.’s Bike is in her home office, her boyfriend rides in the morning before her workday begins. Angie rides over her lunch break or after work. But when their schedules collide on a weekend, they simply alternate. “I’ll do a strength workout, and he’ll ride—and then we swap,” she says.

Calling Dibs

Member Lindsey F. has a good system going with her husband. When it comes to live rides, they get dibs on their preferred instructors (Cody Rigsby for Lindsey and Kendall Toole for her husband). And for other classes, they chat in advance to decide on what’s fair. But Lindsey admits she prefers riding live when possible because she has a fear of missing out. “High fives are my life,” she says. “My husband could care less.”

They’ve also figured out a system for dealing with equipment: The Bike handlebar height and seat position stays the same for each of them, but they move the seat height up and down to their personal preferences. And for yoga and strength training, they have two mats and two sets of blocks so they can practice at the same time. 

The Clip Trick

Member Crystal L. has a slightly different approach to getting her share of Peloton time: “I leave my shoes clipped in on the Bike, which must deter my husband from using it—leaving more time for me!”

Calendar Request

Every evening, Member Rebecca F. talks to her husband about when they’re riding the next day, putting those times in their shared calendar so there’s no overlap or confusion. Each person is in charge of changing the seat position when it’s their turn, and they must wipe down the Bike after each workout. “I do more instructor sessions, so sometimes I get first choice in order to do a live ride,” Rebecca says. “My husband likes the scenic rides to his own music.”

An Encouraging Switch

Member Elana R. is happy to do a strength class when her husband wants to take a class on the Bike (and vice versa). “It’s so great when we can simultaneously have a class going on the Bike, and I cast a strength class on the TV in the same room,” she says. “My husband puts his Bluetooth headphones in but still yells encouraging things at me while I do push-ups and squats!”

Someone else using your Bike? No worries. Try taking a class on the Peloton App instead!