A Closer Look: Our Power Zone Classes

By PelotonUpdated October 14, 2019


What is a Power Zone Class?

Power Zone classes focus on maintaining a specific output within designated output zones to achieve performance improvements. It's important to take an FTP test to determine your output zones.

What Our Instructors Say About These Classes

Matt:As a coach, I get excited when my riders see measurable results (i.e. changes in their performance and/or their body). In my 10+ years of coaching, I have seen the fastest results in my athletes through Power Zone Training. What makes it even better is that I have the creative freedom to make it a fun and engaging experience for everyone.

Denis: The thing I love the most about teaching power zones is the freedom we find within the structure. The FTP test levels the playing field, empowering us to compete with ourselves instead of others. After that, as long as we're staying within our prescribed zones, whatever cadence and resistance we use to get there is our choice. As instructors, we make suggestions about cadence and zones, but the rider really gets to make it their own.

Matt: A well-structured yet fun class with a very specific purpose. Trust the workout and forget the leaderboard - these workouts are not races.

Denis: Riders can expect a safe, structured workout with clear expectations, objectives, and coaching. At any given moment we know how far along we are, exactly what's expected of us, how long we're holding that intensity and a sound physiological reason behind the workout.

To see measurable results and have fun in the process.

Any reason to take a Power Zone ride is a good one, but I think the most popular reasons would be to customize your workout to your current fitness level and avoid overtraining, to provide yourself with measurable results on your way to your fitness goals and to give yourself a structured program with transparent methodology to the madness.

The Tunes To Expect

Why Members Love These Classes

“For those feeling nervous about Power Zone Training, please don’t be. It’s all individualized for you which is what makes it so awesome. I love Power Zone Training because it helped get my life and health back, and we have an awesome community of riders who will help you reach your goals whatever they are.”- Jacqui C./ #Le_Chic_JQ

“I am here to say that Power Zone Training is for beginners, as your rapid improvement week to week and month to month will be easy to quantify, see and feel. The beauty of Power Zone Training is that everyone trains at exactly the level that is suited for them (that's why you take the FTP test), so no matter your age, gender, athletic level or output, everyone is doing the same amount of work at every power zone workout. “- Bill L. / #PeloniousMonk

“I am in week 2 of Matt Wilpers' Power Zone Training and I can't believe the changes I can already see! I can hardly wait between rides I am enjoying it so much!" -Connie B. / #PeLoCoCo

“Further evidence of the effectiveness of Power Zone Training: this morning, I ran a 5k for the first time since May, 2008. I ran my fastest 5k in nearly ten years after my previous record with no training apart from my Peloton bike! I'm in (literally) the best shape of my life. I could run circles around my 20-year-old self.” - Alex C. #AC_SoAero

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