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3 Inspiring Home Setups for Your New Peloton Tread

Helping you choose the safest, most functional space for your best total body workout.

By Team PelotonUpdated August 25, 2021


From its inception as a sketch to becoming the best at-home total body workout you could have, the Peloton Tread was thoughtfully designed with our Members’ safety—and fitness goals—in mind. That’s why we put together this handy guide to help you situate your Tread in the best location in your home—or help you realize that your home does indeed have enough space to to bring one home! Whether you’re lacing up for a walk, run or bootcamp class, the Tread is ready for anything. So let’s get started finding its place of pride.

First thing first, you’ll want to find a nook in your home that has enough square footage to accommodate the Tread. Just like our Peloton Bikes, we’ve designed theTread to fit seamlessly in as many homes as possible, and that’s why its footprint sits at a compact 5.7 feet in length by 2.75 feet in width (173 cm x 84 cm). To make sure you have ample room around your Tread to maneuver and set up for bootcamp and off-the-Tread classes, you’ll need at least 2 feet (60 cm) of space to the right, left and front, and at least 6.5 feet (2 meters) in the back. Make sure your ceiling is at least 20 inches (or 51 cm; that’s just under 2 feet) greater than the user’s height.

Pro tip: You can even try out our augmented reality filter to plan out exactly where your Tread will live! Click here on a mobile device and scroll to the bottom to activate the filter.

Let’s take a look at three example configurations for placing the Peloton Tread in your home, from the living room to the bedroom and the corner of a gym nook.

The Den Setup

img-1-3 Inspiring Home Setups for Your New Peloton Tread

Why not place your new Tread just to the side of your cushiest armchair? It’s designed to tuck away neatly into the corner of your den (where it can assume its place as the guaranteed conversation starter.) And, if the room requires it, by rearranging some pieces like a console or bookshelf a foot this way or that, you’ll open up floor space to place a mat—which means you’ll also open up a whole universeof classes to explore on your Tread, from bootcamp to strength training, yoga and Pilates.

The Bedroom Setup

img-2-3 Inspiring Home Setups for Your New Peloton Tread

If your workout is your first waking thought in the morning, this setup is perfect for you. And even if it’s not … it can be now! Whether situated in front of your bed or just beside it, seeing your Tread when you open your eyes is downright motivating—and can help set your intention for staying accountable to your fitness goals. If you can place the Tread near a window, we highly recommend it to help ventilate those sweaty sessions and cool you off mid-workout. And if you’ve got a cubby, shelf or ledge nearby, it's the perfect spot to hide away those dumbbells and yoga blocks.

The Gym Nook Setup

img-3-3 Inspiring Home Setups for Your New Peloton Tread

Got a dedicatednook in your home where your workouts go down? Well then, we bet you didn’t have to think too long about where your Tread will go! There’s no doubt the Tread will add a whole new dimension to your fitness routine and beautifully compliment your space. Keep your mat permanently beside your Tread to inspire those bootcamp and strength workouts, or roll it away when you just want to focus on clocking miles in a running class. Customize your space to the workout you want, then get after it!

Wherever your new Tread eventually lives, you’ll just want to keep this in mind: Once you’re done with your workout and those endorphins are soaring high, make sure to remove the safety key and store it in a protected place to avoid unintended access. (The Tread will also lock after 45 seconds of inactivity, at which time you will need a passcode to restart it.) Then, when it’s next time to put in work, you’ll be ready—and so will your new Tread.