These Fitness Goals Make The Most of Your Peloton Membership in 2019

By PelotonUpdated June 30, 2020


Your fitness goals all depend on your goals for your life--but there’s something special about a Peloton membership that truly helps you show up as your best self day in and day out. While we talk a lot about the importance of committing to the process in order to create change, that doesn’t mean doing the same thing every workout--so we asked some of our Peloton instructors for their best advice about trying new classes to pull together a checklist that can truly reshape your relationship to fitness

Hit The Floor

It’s easier than ever to supplement your cardio with strength training now that Peloton is available on the web. Visit our Members site on your phone, tablet, or computer and log in with your account to a floor or bootcamp class directly from your laptop, phone or tablet, or cast your favorite rides to your TV.

Get Appy

All Peloton Members have access to Peloton Digital included in their membership, which is available for download in the Apple or Google Play store. Downloading the app unlocks access to Peloton’s walking, outdoor running, stretching, and floor classes, as well as letting you take your cycling, Tread, and yoga workouts on the go when you’re traveling or at the gym. It’s a great way to show a potential referral what the Peloton experience is really like, too.

Flow Forward

Peloton’s yoga classes relaunched in December with three brand-new instructors, and if you haven’t hit the mat with them yet, you’re missing out. “There is a special connection between the mind and the body and an overall sense of pure accomplishment when you figure out how to hold your body in certain ways and open up places that are tight and stiff,” says Peloton yoga instructor Kristin McGee. “You tap into a potential energy you never realized you had. You will challenge yourself in a completely new way.” Beginner classes will walk you through the basics and help you build the core poses you need to develop a yoga practice.

Go The Distance

Peloton’s legendary cycling classes are bringing in new Members every day, so if you’re starting at the beginning--welcome! “Taking your first cycling class is supposed to be challenging, and unfamiliar. It’s the expectation,” says cycling instructor Ally Love. “No matter what fitness level you are, getting familiar with the concepts is a part of the process. Get excited!” If you’re a longtime rider, challenge yourself to add additional intensity or time to your routine--anyone got a 90-minute ride on their 2019 bucket list?

Keep It Short

While many of Peloton’s live classes are 45 minutes long, don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s the expected ride time. Challenge yourself to take a shorter workout where you truly let yourself go all out, and you may see numbers you never expected to hit before.

Meditation Matters

Meditation is a new offering within Peloton yoga, and it’s a daily secret of many high-achieving people, including many Peloton instructors, who embody so many of the benefits mediation has for athletes. “Meditation can help with focus, stress management, goal-setting, guided visualization, better sleep, and an overall sense of control in situations,” says Kristin. “You will also develop a better relationship with yourself and others, as you learn to manage your emotions and reactions.” Start small, with a short daily meditation, and build your practice over time.

Make Music

How many times have you been taking a killer class, and a song comes on that makes you sit up and say, “Who sings that?” We wanted to give you the answer—so every on-demand ride is now compete with a “Now Playing” feature that helps you identify the songs that resonate with you. Note your favorites to create your ultimate Peloton playlist, or borrow one of ours via our Spotify to keep you motivated when you’re on the move.

Challenge Yourself

Peloton Challenges are a new way to set a goal for yourself and track your progress--and since you’re challenging yourself alongside friends, family, and the Peloton community, it’s actually quite fun. You can opt into a mileage challenge at any point, and we’ll be announcing more special events like our Winter Launch Challenge throughout the year.

Power Up with Programs

Designed to help you go deep, Peloton Programs are a curated menu of classes put together by our in-house fitness experts to help you target and meet a specific goal. Whether it’s an intro to a class type you’re unfamiliar with or a training method you’re longing to master, our instructors will guide you through classes that build the experience and strength you need to train your inner athlete. Even if you’re a Peloton veteran, a program takes the guesswork out of choosing a daily ride and can be a great way to refresh your core training values.

Stretch It Out

All Peloton workouts are designed to be paired with a pre- and post-workout stretch, so if you’ve been skipping that step, make 2019 the year to commit to setting yourself up for success. Rest and recovery are just as important as your workouts themselves.

Really, Rest & Relax

If you’ve been a member of the no-days-off crew for longer than you can remember...it might be time to take a break. “Recovery is a must for athletes, it’s when we rest that our body repairs,” says Kristin. “Massage, self care, warm baths and restorative yoga all help release muscular tension.” For those who have a hard time taking any days of rest, yoga flow is an active recovery and great for hardcore athletes who are always pushing themselves.

Try an Unfamiliar Face

With more new instructors than ever, challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and see if there’s someone who can take you to that next level. Even our own team members like to pop up in each others’ classes to try something new, and to draw inspiration from one another. “I love all of the Peloton instructors and can’t wait to take a class of every one of theirs,” says Kristin. “I especially love Olivia’s and Becs’ energy on the Tread and I’m inspired to run because of them. Matt Wilpers on the bike for sure because of his intelligence of the body and focus on form...Robin, of course so she can kick my butt! For floor, Emma’s core class and Andy’s boot camp to name a few, but every single instructor is an inspiration to me and I want to learn and grow and get fitter from them all.”

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