The Best Winter Running Gear For Every Climate

By PelotonUpdated October 14, 2019


Winter running months are upon us and we’re getting serious about suiting up. While temperatures may vary depending on the climate in which you live, chances are you’ll need to add a piece or two to your go-to running get-up. We talked with Peloton instructor Jess Sims to get the scoop on exactly how she equips herself for success during the winter season.

Perfect Your Foundation

A staple piece that Jess suggests incorporating is a vest with a high neckline and hood. “A vest keeps my core warm while still letting my arms breathe,” explains Jess, “and depending on how cold the day is, a hood is always a great option to stay warm during or even after a run.” For those days when you feel winter is in full force, she suggests breaking out the heavy duty gear. “Fleece-lined leggings are a must when we hit those really low temps and they’re also a great way to get warmed up even before you hit the pavement.” Keep in mind, if super low temps are a norm for where you live, these leggings may make a regular appearance in your outfit.

Smart Accessories

When you’re suiting up, don’t forget about the small, but smart accessories to have on hand to keep you warm. “An over the ears headband or set of headphones are my favorite accessories to keep my ears heated and energy high,” says Jess, “even if I don’t turn on my music for my run that day, my headphones never fail to keep my ears protected.” And make sure you’re staying heated from head to toe. “Please don’t underestimate the power of warm socks--your feet are doing a lot of work--give them the warmth and care they need to get you to your finish line!”

Safety Essentials

With the change in available daylight, if you’re planning on running at night don’t leave the house without your safety essentials. “Invest in reflective gear,” suggests Jess, “it’s important that you feel safe running in the dark and also important that others can clearly see you from any angle.” Your pre and post-run exercises are another way to stay safe from injuries that could halt your winter workout flow. “Make sure you’re taking time to do an appropriate routine before and after your run,” she notes, “and don’t forget to incorporate equipment like a lacrosse ball and foam roller to help with recovery”. We know that cold weather is a culprit for winter injuries so don’t let anything stop you this season.

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