Why Peloton Row Should Be the Next Addition to Your At-Home Gym

Why Peloton Row Should Be the Next Addition to Your At-Home Gym

You’ve never seen a rowing machine like this before.

By Catherine HopkinsonUpdated October 12, 2022


Looking for an efficient high-intensity, low-impact workout? Peloton Row is for you. And if you know Peloton, you know the product design is going to be absolutely impeccable. Forget those dusty old rowers at the gym. Just like the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread before it, Row is a premium, thoughtfully designed piece of equipment that you’ll look forward to using. Why? Let us count the ways.

It's quiet…like, really quiet.

Other rowers you may have experienced have loud fans and splashy water basins. Not Peloton Row. The electronically controlled resistance makes every stroke smooth and even, and it’s near silent. Pop on a pair of headphones for your workout and life in your home can continue around you with no disruption.

The sound system is banging.

If you choose not to wear headphones, however, you’re about to have an immersive sonic experience. The speakers are studio quality, and because the machine itself is so quiet, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the Peloton studio with all the energy and motivation that entails. You’ll be able to hear the instructor and the music perfectly without straining to hear over the white noise of the machine.

It’s easily stowable.

When you’re not working out, you can safely and easily stow Peloton Row vertically with the Upright Wall Anchor. When you’re ready to hop on, carefully lower your Row, ensure your space is free of any hazards (you need two feet of free space behind the Row and on either side) and get to it.

It’s comfortable.

Because this is Peloton, all the little details have been refined so you can have the best possible experience: the ergonomic seat that moves near silently and smoothly and was designed to relieve pressure on your tailbone while you row; the easy-grip handle; and the convenient accessories tray for your phone and water bottle.

You can do bootcamps!

The 23-inch swivel screen tilts 45 degrees left and right, meaning you can easily transition from Peloton Row to the floor. We recommend a bootcamp class—where the instructor guides you through both rowing and strength training on a mat—to light up even more of your muscles.

Ready to give rowing a go? Order Peloton Row online!