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How the Peloton Tread+ Can Help You Level Up Your Workouts—Without Changing a Thing

Make measurable cardiovascular and muscular gains with full body workouts on the Tread+.

By Team PelotonDecember 4, 2023


More than a treadmill, the Peloton Tread+ is a tool for unlocking your running potential—and much more—thanks to carefully designed features that give you what you need to boost your workouts. Whether you are training for a marathon, want to PR your next race, or up your walking game, the Tread+ will help you push your pace and reach your goals—whatever they are. 

When you have big goals you need a plan and the motivation to get you there. Some things that help with that? The best instructors in the game and a next-level workout experience. You’ll find all of that with the Tread+ thanks to best-in-class features designed to enhance your experience and comfort, including a rubberized slat belt that offers you 67” of cushioned, energizing running space. And, Peloton’s All Access membership unlocks a library of class content and access to some of the best running experts out there—Peloton Instructors who will coach you every step of the way. Plus, with an immersive touch screen with a powerful soundbar—you’ll have a workout experience like no other. 

Big strides. Soft road.

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Below we’re breaking down just some of the ways you can use the Peloton Tread+ to work out no matter your fitness level or training plan.

1. You Can Use it in Free Mode

Tread+ introduces Free Mode, a feature which allows you to power the Tread+ solely by your own muscles as you walk or run along the treadmill belt. (It’s like having a manual treadmill and a standard motorized treadmill all in one.) This helps you challenge your cardiovascular system beyond using a motorized belt since your muscles have to work harder to activate the belt. Free Mode can also help you develop your power by moving from walk to full sprint in seconds. In Free Mode, you can practice drills that allow you to focus on form, core, and single leg dynamics. 

When you don’t want to use Free Mode, take advantage of other features like intuitive speed knobs, jump buttons, and on-screen shortcuts that allow you to quickly and efficiently set your speed and incline. 

Peloton Tread+

2. You'll Feel Energized Through Every Step

The Tread+ is our softest surface. If you’re worried about the impact on your knees and joints, the Tread+ helps mitigate this, thanks to a more cushioned belt that reduces impact forces. The slat belt is made of 59 individual rubberized slats and returns 64 percent of the energy back* in each step, giving you a sense of propulsion or spring in your step, similar to running on a track. 

3. You'll Find a Class for Every Mood and Goal

No matter how much time you have, or what your training goal or music taste—there’s a class for you on the Tread+. Plus the 32” tilting touchscreen and 20 Watts built-in soundbar will help you immerse yourself in your workout. Learn more about just a few class types you can take advantage of on the Tread+, plus all of the different workouts beyond the Tread+ that your All Access Peloton Membership gives you access to. 


If you’re someone who likes to mix up your workout, a bootcamp class could become your new go-to class. Peloton Tread Bootcamps always include a combination of running and strength training (either bodyweight or using free weights) focused on specific muscle groups. The Peloton Tread+ bootcamp classes’ blend of cardio and strength help keep you engaged through a full body workout without ever getting bored. Plus, adding strength training into your running routine can make you a better runner. 

Running and Endurance Training

Training for a marathon or just lacing up to get fit? The Peloton Tread+ provides a huge range of classes and features to satisfy different running needs. There is a class type for everyone with multiple options across different fitness levels—including Tempo Runs, Intervals Runs, HIIT & Hills Runs, and a Marathon Training Program. Plus choose from a huge variety music preferences with classes like Hip Hop Runs, 2000s Run, Pop Run, Classic Rock Run, and more. Don’t think you’re a runner? The Tread+ will challenge that mindset and change how you test your own limits.


Looking for a lower-impact workout? The Peloton Tread+ offers a range of walking classes that will make going for a stroll a new immersive experience. But don’t think you’ll be taking it easy—Walks + Run classes are a great way to build your speed while practicing interval training, or you can take things uphill with hiking classes that will challenge your posterior chain. Whether you let loose with a fun 80s walk or keep it moving in a Power Walk, each class will challenge your cardiovascular system and recruit muscle groups throughout the whole body.

Workouts Beyond Tread+: Yoga, HIIT, Strength and More

Peloton has a full line-up of classes you can access on the days you don’t run, or add shorter classes to your running workouts. Add on strength training, yoga, HIIT, or stretch classes to do near your Peloton Tread+ or anywhere you go with your Peloton App

4. You’ll Have Plenty of Room to Run

If you’re worried about feeling limited with indoor running—there’s no reason to shorten your stride or worry about getting less out of your workout. With a larger surface area to run on than the Peloton Tread, the Peloton Tread+ offers you more room to run (or walk). Plus you can watch classes on the larger-than-life touchscreen for the best treadmill workout experience where you can feel like you’re right in the room with the instructor live at Peloton Studio New York or Peloton Studio London.

5. More Incline = More Challenge 

Incline and hills don’t have to wait for the outdoors—challenge yourself anytime with an incline grade up to 15 percent on the Tread+. That’s a steeper climb than any other Peloton Tread product, giving you tons of options for training variety and to constantly challenge yourself. (Incline walking workouts, anyone?)

6. The Best Performance and Metric Tracking to Push Your Progress

One of the best ways to stay on track with your goals is to measure your progress. With the Tread+ you’ll get in-class, real-time performance metrics like your output, total output, speed, pace, split, and incline on screen every time you work out. Plus, you can track your progress over time by viewing your previous best output from a class of the same length and comparing it to your current performance. You can also view all of your past metrics on the Peloton App. 

If you have a Bluetooth®-enabled Heart Rate Monitor you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate it into your Peloton experience to see your heart rate and heart rate zones. Download the Peloton Watch App or connect your Strava® account to capture performance data from your workout and track your fitness goals.

*According to a Peloton internal study in which data from internal research was compared to existing research on different materials.

Big strides. Soft road.

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